The 3 Most Important Kicks in Capoeira

I have taught 100’s of Capoeira students in my career, and probably by now 9 years later, 1,000’s. I know that people are attracted to the cool acrobatics and ground moves of Capoeira but…the “arroz e feijoes”, or rice and beans, of Brazilian Capoeira are the Ginga, kicks and dodges. Remember that Capoeira was developed by African slaves in Brazil about 500 years ago. It is first a martial art.

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What is Capoeira…Really? (For the Absolute Newbie)

If you are just beginning Capoeira, or an admirer who never really knew about the origins of this amazing art…here you go. I will briefly give you a crash course on what Brazilian Capoeira is.  Here is the quick story:

Capoeira is a 500 year old martial art form created by African slaves brought to Brazil. During that time slaves could not practice self-defense, so the slaves hid it in a dancing acrobatic game called Capoeira. At a glance the slave master would see a group of people standing in a circle clapping and singing while two people inside the circle danced and flipped around. It seemed harmless, but really was a very effective martial art that liberated the slaves and sustained runaway slave colonies known as quilombos.

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The Most Powerful Kick in Martial Arts-Martelo de Negativa

What’s up galera! Many of you have heard of Martelo de Negativa, or according to National Geographic’s Fight Science, the most powerful kick in martial arts….or most efficient. If you haven’t seen this episode, make sure check out this video here. It features Capoeira action star Lateef Crowder.

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7 Habits of Highly Successful Capoeira Students: Mestre Pinga Fogo

Don’t you wish you can reach in the mind of Capoeira masters and pick their brain? That’s exactly what I’ doing in my 4 year project, “The 7 Habits of Highly Successful Capoeira Students”. I specifically ask Mestres and Contra-Mestres from all over the globe how to be successful in Capoeira. I remember when I first started my project, I would hijack some Mestres at an event while we were all chillin’ at the after party or day before the event. Read More

Capoeira Goal Setting: The S.M.A.R.T. Method

What’s up, Galera! It’s O Rei and remember that Capoeira should be a life improving activity for you, as it was for me. One of the first things I received from Capoeira, besides one heck of a workout, is the goal setting environment. Almost immediately you are forced to start getting better at something. Whether it’s your kicks, dodges, stamina, cardio, acrobatics, etc.

Then you are asked to test and demonstrate certain forms, music, Portuguese, take downs, and other moves to achieve your cord (belt). This happens over and over again as you navigate through your Capoeira system. It is really awesome and empowering. You start developing an organized way to achieve these pre-set goals for you. Many people see the connection to your personal and professional lives, but some do not. Read More

Capoeira Movie-Only the Strong, My Experience

What’s up Galera! It’s O Rei, and I’m back with an epic story of my experience of the movie, “Only the Strong”. Ha, ha! Thanks to Fabio Ventania Ramalho for the photoshop skills. He sent me that on my birthday  a couple years ago for a prank. Anyway, the first time that I ever heard of Capoeira back in 1993 and it is an interesting story.

“Only the Strong” stars Mark Decascos and Mestre Amen Santo. For those of you all who never have heard of this movie, it is, I believe the first time in Hollywood that Capoeira is featured as the main martial art. There are several Brazilian movies that, of course, feature Capoeira, but none from the old U.S. of A. Read More

Green Smoothies-Diet for Capoeiristas and Active Lifestyles

What’s up Galera! Once again it’s O Rei, and I’m again transferring over my old blogs to my new blog. I have since helped dozens if not hundreds of people lose weight through Capoeira and diet. I was initially experimenting with the Greeen Smoothie diet. It was awesome.

Since then, I have done the keto, paleo, and just a well balanced diet. I think it’s great to integrate in Green Smoothies in your well balanced diet, so here is the old blog about the Green Smoothie diet. Enjoy… Read More

Capoeira Over 40

Hey Galera! I initially wrote this blog back in February of 2017. I have long since realized that I had to move my blog to a different platform…so…I moved it here.


A log of other things have happened since then as well. As you may know we help  older folks get started with Capoeira, whether 26, 36, 46, or in their 50’s. That’s actually what I do for a living. I own and operate a Capoeira studio in Corpus Christi, Texas. It’s living my dream but I have set the goal to go fully online within the next 2 years. we have an awesome kids program, as well, and I get to have a lot of fun getting paid to teach my passion.

As I have been to Brazil a few times, I have seen ALL ages of Capoeira practitioners. I know for a fact that anyone can learn and be successful in Capoeira, not matter what your age. Without further ado… Read More