10x Your Capoeira

So you want to know how to 10x your Capoeira development? Great, about time! Your Uncle  O Rei has been waiting for you to finally take that next step. The first step is to decide you want to commit to this… Then it’s time to get organized. Setting up a schedule is essential for predictible, consistent growth. Then you got to put in the WORK! Sounds simple, but here is the actual secret to 10xing your Capoeira growth. It’ s using a Capoeira Journal.


Yup…The Capoeira journal has allowed me to not only produce my best selling Capoeira digital training systems like O Rei’s Capoeira Ground Game System, The Hook and Pull, Vingativa Mastery System, and many of my books; it has helped me in the constant scrutiny and documentation of all the skills learned in class, and seminars.

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Capoeira Training Using Targets

In today’s blog entry/video I”m going to show you how to use a kicking/striking target for Capoeira drills. Just like any other Martial arts kicks and strikes you practice your Capoeira strikes on a target. Many people think that Capoeiristas don’t make contact, but the fact is…they do.

THE best way to get better at having great accuracy is by using a striking target. Here I lay out some drills for you to use with some straight attacks…and some circular. Remember when using your circular attacks like Quexada, Armada, and Meia Lua de Compasso, not to chamber or stretch you leg to hit the target. You should, instead, set up better so that you are consistent in you striking precision. Here are the strikes we will use: Read More

Capoeira Beginners: The Most Important Type of Student

Of all the Mestres, and Contra-Mestres, and Mestrandos, and Professores, Formados, Monitores, Estagiarios, Graduados, Instrutores, Educadores….and the list goes on and on. Of all these great teachers passing on the amazing art of Capoeira to this world, the most important Capoeira practitioner is none of them. What?! That’s right. Although these figures play an important part in Capoeira, it is the beginner that plays the most important part. They decide one day that they want to put on the white pants and set out to learn this amazing art. They decide one day that they want to continue learning this art, and ultimately, they decide that they don’t want to quit . The beginner student feeds the growth of our amazing art. If you haven’t watched my video on the “Triangle of Capoeira Practitioners” you can do that here.

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Ginga and Unleash the Power Within: Tony Robbins UPW Event Review

Hey, Galera! I’m constantly talking about how Capoeira should be for life improvement–physically, mentally, spiritually, and any other way that it can help you. For example, you all know my story. After losing it all in a drunken car accident, Capoeira help me lift myself up from my bootstraps and improve my life despite my hardships. I didn’t play the victim or look for pity, but instead invested in myself and worked hard. This event is the pinacle of improving your life. People go from all over the world to see Tony work his magic…that’s right. The event I’m talking about is Unleash the Power Within by Tony Robbins.

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The 7 Berimbau Toques You Should Know

Galera, O Rei is back with an old blog post of mine that is extremely important. Today I’m  going to talk about the 7 toques (rhythms) of the berimbau you NEED to know. Once you start playing the berimbau, the first question usually is…”What do I play?”.  I’m aiming to alleviate that first question today. Although this is not an in detail description of each, I will go over each.

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Capoeira Group Loyalty Today

Many Capoeiristas have been accused of “Pulando Moita”, but what does it mean in today’s Capoeira climate? Here is the basic definition of loyalty in its simplest form.

Dedication to a person, group, or idea…whether that be your family, friends, religion, future or current spouse…or Capoeira group. Back in the day when you needed a clan or tribe to take you off the streets to keep you out of trouble, Read More

Au De Frente

The Au de Frente in Capoeira is a pretty sweet move, Galera. With our three step system, anyone can get it. Let me first talk about mindset. Mindset? Yup. I have some students that already defeat themselves before they even attempt the move. That fact is true in any venture you set off to achieve, but even more true in this one. This is ground acrobatic is very doable for any fitness level. Read More

The 3 Most Important Kicks in Capoeira

I have taught 100’s of Capoeira students in my career, and probably by now 9 years later, 1,000’s. I know that people are attracted to the cool acrobatics and ground moves of Capoeira but…the “arroz e feijoes”, or rice and beans, of Brazilian Capoeira are the Ginga, kicks and dodges. Remember that Capoeira was developed by African slaves in Brazil about 500 years ago. It is first a martial art.

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What is Capoeira…Really? (For the Absolute Newbie)

If you are just beginning Capoeira, or an admirer who never really knew about the origins of this amazing art…here you go. I will briefly give you a crash course on what Brazilian Capoeira is.  Here is the quick story:

Capoeira is a 500 year old martial art form created by African slaves brought to Brazil. During that time slaves could not practice self-defense, so the slaves hid it in a dancing acrobatic game called Capoeira. At a glance the slave master would see a group of people standing in a circle clapping and singing while two people inside the circle danced and flipped around. It seemed harmless, but really was a very effective martial art that liberated the slaves and sustained runaway slave colonies known as quilombos.

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The Most Powerful Kick in Martial Arts-Martelo de Negativa

What’s up galera! Many of you have heard of Martelo de Negativa, or according to National Geographic’s Fight Science, the most powerful kick in martial arts….or most efficient. If you haven’t seen this episode, make sure check out this video here. It features Capoeira action star Lateef Crowder.

Scientists study 4 different martial arts, and measure the power, speed, and efficiency of their best kick. Those Read More