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So you want to know how to 10x your Capoeira development? Great, about time! Your Uncle  O Rei has been waiting for you to finally take that next step. The first step is to decide you want to commit to this… Then it’s time to get organized. Setting up a schedule is essential for predictible, consistent growth. Then you got to put in the WORK! Sounds simple, but here is the actual secret to 10xing your Capoeira growth. It’ s using a Capoeira Journal.


Yup…The Capoeira journal has allowed me to not only produce my best selling Capoeira digital training systems like O Rei’s Capoeira Ground Game System, The Hook and Pull, Vingativa Mastery System, and many of my books; it has helped me in the constant scrutiny and documentation of all the skills learned in class, and seminars.

Whether you use a spiral notebook from the dollar store, a sweet hemp journal from Barnes & Nobles or Amazon, or if you cop one of my  Ginga Journals, it doesn’t matter. Just use it. Here are some ways that you can use your Capoeira journal for 10xing your Capoeira development.

Batizados, Seminars, and Events

This is one of the primary reasons I started using a Capoeira Journal. There’s  popular saying in Capoeira and martial arts,

You’re going to forget more Capoeira than you actually use.

This means that in all the events, batizados, and seminars that you attend, you will be overwhelmed with info, techniques, songs, take downs, flourishes, counters, and acrobatics, that it will make your head spin. Especially when when you are a beginner, and don’t understand the building blocks of Capoeira. After the event, go ahead and revisit your written down material that next week, and throughout the next few weeks and months. You will see, that by consciously ensuring that you review and practice these new techniques and sequences, you will get better at much increased rate than if you didn’t.

Your peers and instructor will definitely notice when you start popping up in class with the newfound skills…and actually use them!

Daily and Weekly Class Curriculum

This is how I built my systems, like Vingativa, Rasteira, and Ground Games 1&2. Simply by documenting the weekly exercises, helped me get a grasp at the fundamentals, intermediate, and advanced techniques my instructor wanted us, as students, to learn. Every group has their own style, and lineage, and curriculum that their master feels important that your learn first. So why not pay homage to that and focus on your group’s curriculum. Just like if you were to enroll in a college course…you definitely would take notes…so why not in your martial arts class?

Music, Lyrics, and Translations

The wonderful thing about Capoeira is that you are learning music, Brazilian Portuguese, and Brazilian culture. This one over laps in weekly curriculum and batizados, but sometimes I go to my journal when I heard a song at an event, and then I later look it up online or ask my instructor about it. Keep up on your music, and then also make sure you know what it means in English, or whatever native language you speak. Remember, that Capoeira is an art, and just because they’re singing about a banana tree falling doesn’t mean they’re singing about a banana tree falling. Check out on my video on the hidden secrets of Capoeira here. Watch your music and Portuguese 10x when you keep a Capoeira journal, and use it.

Goals, Development and Comments 

Now, although I have a separate SMART Goal workbook, or journal, I still use my Capoeira journal to write out my Capoeira, life, and career goals. If you haven’t read my Ginga SMART book, The ultimate Capoeira Goal Setting and Achieving Book you can grab that here. If you want to learn how to do a back flip, write in your journal. If you want to improve you kicks, write it in your journal. So on, and so forth…by keeping track of your Capoeira and life goals in a written form, will not only 10x you Capoeira but will definitely improve your life.

In the video above, I walk you though my various Capoeira journals I’ve had throughout my Capoeira career. Some are hemp journals, some cheap spirals, and some are legitimately the Ginga Journals. The cheap ones, however, shed the pages and don’t last, so I would say use them sparingly. The other ones are built to last. Check out the only Capoeira journals on the market below.

Female Version

Unisex Version

Do it! Start writing down your Capoeira progress, learnings, and goals, and watch your game 10X. Let me know what you think by posting a comment below. Until next time galera. Bora

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