Maculele Tutorial: Certo Dia Na Cabana

Maculele is one of the many wonderful things that come out of Afro-Brazilian culture associated with Capoeira, such as Samba de Roda, Danca Guerreira, Puxada de Rede and others. It is representative of the slave culture at that time. While African slaves in Brazil were working in the sugar plantation, they would pass time by hitting together two sugar cane pieces in a rhythmic nature, dance, and sing stories from their homeland in Africa.

Also, machetes, or facaos, were used instead of sugar canes. The following tutorial is a wonderful Maculele song that tells of the mythed origin stories of Maculele. There are two stories of the origin of Maculele. One, I already explained above. The slaves brought with them from Africa their percussionist musical culture which helped them preserve it with stories hidden in songs.

The other is as follows:

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10x Your Capoeira

So you want to know how to 10x your Capoeira development? Great, about time! Your Uncle¬† O Rei has been waiting for you to finally take that next step. The first step is to decide you want to commit to this… Then it’s time to get organized. Setting up a schedule is essential for predictible, consistent growth. Then you got to put in the WORK! Sounds simple, but here is the actual secret to 10xing your Capoeira growth. It’ s using a Capoeira Journal.


Yup…The Capoeira journal has allowed me to not only produce my best selling Capoeira digital training systems like O Rei’s Capoeira Ground Game System, The Hook and Pull, Vingativa Mastery System, and many of my books; it has helped me in the constant scrutiny and documentation of all the skills learned in class, and seminars.

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Capoeira Group Loyalty Today

Many Capoeiristas have been accused of “Pulando Moita”, but what does it mean in today’s Capoeira climate? Here is the basic definition of loyalty in its simplest form.

Dedication to a person, group, or idea…whether that be your family, friends, religion, future or current spouse…or Capoeira group. Back in the day when you needed a clan or tribe to take you off the streets to keep you out of trouble, Read More

Capoeira Over 40

Hey Galera! I initially wrote this blog back in February of 2017. I have long since realized that I had to move my blog to a different platform…so…I moved it here.


A log of other things have happened since then as well. As you may know we help  older folks get started with Capoeira, whether 26, 36, 46, or in their 50’s. That’s actually what I do for a living. I own and operate a Capoeira studio in Corpus Christi, Texas. It’s living my dream but I have set the goal to go fully online within the next 2 years. we have an awesome kids program, as well, and I get to have a lot of fun getting paid to teach my passion.

As I have been to Brazil a few times, I have seen ALL ages of Capoeira practitioners. I know for a fact that anyone can learn and be successful in Capoeira, not matter what your age. Without further ado… Read More