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Hey Galera! I initially wrote this blog back in February of 2017. I have long since realized that I had to move my blog to a different platform…so…I moved it here.


A log of other things have happened since then as well. As you may know we help  older folks get started with Capoeira, whether 26, 36, 46, or in their 50’s. That’s actually what I do for a living. I own and operate a Capoeira studio in Corpus Christi, Texas. It’s living my dream but I have set the goal to go fully online within the next 2 years. we have an awesome kids program, as well, and I get to have a lot of fun getting paid to teach my passion.

As I have been to Brazil a few times, I have seen ALL ages of Capoeira practitioners. I know for a fact that anyone can learn and be successful in Capoeira, not matter what your age. Without further ado…

O Rei, here and I’m back with a very important issue. Capoeira can be very intimidating for the beginner, young or old. If you are a little older, many people believe they have no business practicing Capoeira. This can not be further from the truth.

Brazilian Capoeira has so much to offer the practitioner: Music, Language, Culture, Dance, Camaraderie, Family, Self-Defense, Exercise, and the list goes on. I don’t have to tell you since you’re reading my blog, but let me tell you a story of how I came to address this issue.

I had released my second #1 best selling book/video training system on Amazon- “O Rei’s Capoeira Ground Game System”. I had a great response, but I received an email from one of my followers who bought the system. He loved it , but had  a concern. He said he was 40 and overweight. He was having problems with a few of the movements, so I immediately responded with some tips to help him out.

Thus, began the “Capoeira Over 40” Free Video Training Series, and what will make way for very book on it’s own coming out next month. I address ways to modify Capoeira exercises so that you can still have fun and not sit out. I talk about dieting, rest, playing style, Yoga, and more.

Remember, Capoeira has so much to give for someone to be hung up because they can’t do a backflip. There’s plenty to concentrate on, especially the energy in the roda. You don’t want to miss out because you’re insecure about you level. Capoeira is truly for everyone, young, old, male, female.

If you haven’t watched my video series you can go here.

Also check out the book on Amazon here. What are you waiting for…Bora!

Thanks and see you next time

-O Rei

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