O REI’S Capoeira Ground Game 2
Intermediate to Advanced

It’s Baaaaacccccck........That’s right the number one best selling Capoeira Ground game System on the market.

I hit best seller twice with the same system on Amazon, the world’s biggest online marketplace and most trusted website.

Part One was all about Absolute Beginner to Intermediate level. Now, I want to take you intermediates out there to the advanced level, and really smooth out your ground game.

I have a proposition for you early bird and former chubby hubby followers. You know that Capoeira saved my life from obesity and sedentary lifestyle, so I want to give back to the capoeira community.

For those of you going in early bird, I will give you a $27 pre-sale buy in. You will get access to the system plus bonuses once they get populated. All I ask is that you rate and give a testimonial.

You can even request tutorial so that if I can do it, I will make it...AND you will be apart of the creation process as well. Just click below to get in on the first in line.


As you know, we usually launch my products at $47 to $67, and take away the bonuses, so act fast. Early bird price expires Monday August 13th, at the strike of Midnight. <Poof!>

-O Rei







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Pre-Sale Until August 10th