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Circular Kicks Fundamental Video Tutorials

  1. 1. Queixada-most important of our circular kicks. If you can’t queixada, then all other circular kicks will be very difficult to master

2. Armada-spin before a queixada

  1. 3.Meia Lua de Compasso-wheel kick, or reverse heel kick.

Acrobatics And Ground Videos

  1. 1.Au- Capoeira Cartwheel

  2. 2.Macaco- monkey flip

  3. 3.Queda de Rins

  4. 4.Ponte- Capoeira Bridge

  5. 5.Aú de Frente-High beginner level approaching intermediate

  6. 6.Martelo Rodado-(Jumping Spinning Front Kick) Although this is an attack, it is mentioned here as an acrobatic because it looks very nice when performed well and it is done in the air.

  7. 7.Aú Sem Mão-A handless cartwheel. We will give you a modified version until you build strength and confidence to go higher and higher each time.

  8. 8.Pião de Mão- (Hand Spin) Amazing Ground acrobatic in step by step instruction

  9. 9.Meia Lua Emcaixada-Ground acrobatic move and attack


  1. 1.Esquiva Negativa Role and Au negativa Role


1. Pandeiro- basic cadencia

  1. 2. Pandeiro-simplified

  2. 3. Atabaque- basic São Bento Grande or Cadencia


  1. 1.Rasteira-The Capoeira Leg Sweep with hand on the floor

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Fundamental Program

Welcome to the wonderful world of Capoeira! This program is great if you’re just starting out, or want a well put together reference for your first 12 months of Brazilian Capoeira.You will learn the fundamentals of Capoeira where we will take you from any level, to a well rounded Capoeirista.