Capoeira Group Loyalty Today

Many Capoeiristas have been accused of “Pulando Moita”, but what does it mean in today’s Capoeira climate? Here is the basic definition of loyalty in its simplest form.

Dedication to a person, group, or idea…whether that be your family, friends, religion, future or current spouse…or Capoeira group. Back in the day when you needed a clan or tribe to take you off the streets to keep you out of trouble, teach you how to defend yourself, and give you a marketable skill to pass on, it was definitely looked down upon to switch Capoeira groups.

You owed your master and group your loyalty in the least. Today, there many groups all over the world. There are a lot of Capoeira instructors, some not official affiliates to any group. Some are claiming group loyalty, but representing their group with low morals and creepy meat market vibes.

Nonetheless, there are still people who walk away from a perfectly great group, just because they are disloyal. This is the 21st century, and I guess, Capoeira is just another product on the market to be bought and sold at the consumer’s leisure. That is a sad thing, yet it happens so often.

In this video guide, I will hope to explain a little of what disloyalty is and what is expected in this new age of Capoeira. Don’t forget the Get my Book on Amazon GINGA AND GROW STRONG: IMPROVE YOUR HEALTH, FITNESS, AND FAMILY LIFE WITH THE ART OF BRAZILIAN CAPOEIRA

Are you  newer student in a city with many stable groups?

If your city has many groups that have a regular class schedule, high ranking students, and many beginners, this is a good thing. This shows that they have long standing loyal students and an influx of new beginner students. There are options in your city, and you’d rather train with another group because of the vibe, style, or their level of teaching.  I recommend that you talk to your instructor and let them know sooner than later.

Don’t get 5 cords down the road before you let your teacher know you’d rather train with another group. That is a dick move. The grass is usually not greener on the other side…and sometimes the door locks behind you, so be wise.

Are you a student has gained rank and help teaches classes?

At this level, you’re pretty much bound to your instructor, master, and group. Don’t try to run off and start your own group, or join another group without talking to your teacher. Remember that the dynamic in most groups in Brazil and all around the world is that once you reach the instructor level (monitor/estagiario/etc.), you can go off and start your own group. You are qualified by your master and the community. But…if your group expects you to stay in the group and teach under the group flag, make sure you know your group dynamic. When in doubt…ask.

Are you a teacher who is tired of paying group dues?

Pay up. Work a deal out with your master and let them know your situation. All groups usually have group dues if you want to teach under their flag. Get over it, or get out of the game.

Are you tired of your teacher telling you not to support certain events and groups?

This is group loyalty. Listen to your instructor. They are not trying to keep you locked up. There may be beef from history. They may be scum bag womanizers, or notorious drunks. You don’t know. Your instructor has been in the game longer than you have. Bite your lip and bear it. Trust me, there always will be other events and other instructors.  One well known Capoeirista had challenged me on this subject and brought up the following rebuttle:

“I am old enough to maintain my own Capoeira relationships. I don’t need anyone telling me what events to go to and not go to. I don’t want anyone telling me what to do.”

This is absolutely absurd. This is when you can reflect on what Capoeira has given you. Has Capoeira only given you cool moves and self-defense techniques? That’s sad. Capoeira should be a life improving journey that includes learning focus, respect, discipline, perseverance, loyalty, honesty, and other martial arts values. If this bothers you, you have not yet developed in that part of your life. Your frustration comes from a place of insecurity. I don’t consider my instructor not letting go to certain events, restricting. I am happy to exercise restraint and loyalty. I honor the code and fall in line with a smile on face.

What if your instructor is a scumbag womanizer, drunk, or roid head?

You can throw everything I said before out the window. Like I said, Capoeira should be a life improving activity. If your teacher, your leader, your master, is behaving less than inspiring. then hit the door. You are in no way obligated in biting your lip if your teacher or master is a scumbag. Many students bite their lip because they have come so long, or they are totally vested in that group. The scumbag is holding their cord/promotion over their head. If the student disagrees with them, then they won’t promote them. That’s BS. Bon voyage.

Let me know what your experience is below. I want to hear it.

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