10x Your Capoeira

So you want to know how to 10x your Capoeira development? Great, about time! Your Uncle¬† O Rei has been waiting for you to finally take that next step. The first step is to decide you want to commit to this… Then it’s time to get organized. Setting up a schedule is essential for predictible, consistent growth. Then you got to put in the WORK! Sounds simple, but here is the actual secret to 10xing your Capoeira growth. It’ s using a Capoeira Journal.


Yup…The Capoeira journal has allowed me to not only produce my best selling Capoeira digital training systems like O Rei’s Capoeira Ground Game System, The Hook and Pull, Vingativa Mastery System, and many of my books; it has helped me in the constant scrutiny and documentation of all the skills learned in class, and seminars.

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