The Most Powerful Kick in Martial Arts-Martelo de Negativa

What’s up galera! Many of you have heard of Martelo de Negativa, or according to National Geographic’s Fight Science, the most powerful kick in martial arts….or most efficient. If you haven’t seen this episode, make sure check out this video here. It features Capoeira action star Lateef Crowder.

Scientists study 4 different martial arts, and measure the power, speed, and efficiency of their best kick. Those martial arts are Karate, Tae Kwon Do, Muay Thai, and Capoeira. If you don’t know Lateef Crowder, you can see some of his highlights here. He’s an amazing Capoeirista who’s come out in movies like Twilight 2, Tekken the movie, Tony Ja’s The Protector, and others.  Today, I am going to show you how to perform this move.

It is a high level intermediate/advanced technique, so make sure you know how to do the following moves first: esquiva, negativa, macaco, s-dobrado, chapeu de couro, and how to kick a martelo correctly. If any of these sound weird to you, I will recommend a couple courses at the end of this blog entry. I want give you the goodies, first. Let’s get started.

Lateef starts this move in the negativa position, hence the name “martelo de negativa”.  I don’t know if this is the actual name, but it makes sense. It is also called, “S-dobrado” or “Chapeu de Couro” adding a round house kick or martelo at the end of it. I like to start in esquiva position, but you can do either.

Let’s say you are right footed, so you want to strike with the right foot, so you will start in negativa right or esquiva right position. I’ll explain both starting positions.

Negativa right-your left leg is tucked under your bottom and supports your weight. Make sure to be on the ball of your foot. Your right foot is extended and is making contact with the floor with the ridge between your bottom of your foot and side of your foot. Your right hand is on the floor palm down supporting you weight. Your left hand is up protecting your face.

Esquiva right-your right hand is on the floor palm down supporting your weight. Your lunging with your right leg bent at 90 degrees, and your left leg is fully extended back, knee off the ground, toes and ball of the foot touching the floor. Your left hand is up protecting your face.

To initiate the move, swing your left foot from the back or bent position to the front of your body fully extended. You will have to put a lot of weight on your right hand as you transition so that you can get the left leg out of the supporting role and swinging outward in a circular path to the front. Just as your left leg passes your left hand switch your weight from the right hand to left hand. This takes practice, so watch the S-dobrado tutorial video here if you need help.

As your left leg crosses the front of your body, you will jump off the floor with you right foot maintaining your left hand grounded and supporting your weight. As you jump off the floor, your jumping right foot becomes the kicking right foot. Make contact with the target like a roundhouse kick.

Do it to the air first, then add a target when you are ready. This is a beautiful technique. Use at your own discretion. It is very dangerous, so use and practice at your own risk.

Check out the video and post any question you have below or on the video on Youtube. Until next time, galera.


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