Tighten Up Your Game With These Capoeira Ground Training Sequences

You don’t always have to do long Capoeira floreio sequences. Yes that has it’s place, and ultimately, you will be doing just that. But if you feel that there are holes in your transitions, rough stalls in your game, or just bad form and techinique when going for those long combos, then this blog is for you.

We will be going over these mini-combos that you will practice 5 to 10 times each side to tighten up your game. Once you clean up these easy transitions, you can add them back to your long combinations and training sessions. This has the training level of intermediate to advanced beginner.

That means you have to at least know the basics like your 3 main circular kicks (quexada, armada, and meia lua de compasso) along with your basic acrobatics like Au, Au de Frente, Piao de Mao, Au Batido (Amazonas), and Macaco. Let’s get down to business.

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S-Dobrado Tutorial: Level High Advanced

Many people join Capoeira for the cool moves. It’s true. Capoeira does have some very nice air and ground acrobatic moves. Today we are going to be learning a ground acrobatic named “S-Dobrado”, pronounced “ess-ee”, “Do-brah-do”. It is a mixture of a dodge, counter attack, acrobatic, and the world’s most powerful kick as described by Fight Science.

Today we are just going to learn the actual movement, as it is very demanding and leaves many would-be Capoeira practitioners in the dust. Let’s go ahead and get started, amigo. These 3 simple steps I developed years ago when training under my Capoeira instructor, Mestre Advogado.

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The 7 Berimbau Toques You Should Know

Galera, O Rei is back with an old blog post of mine that is extremely important. Today I’m  going to talk about the 7 toques (rhythms) of the berimbau you NEED to know. Once you start playing the berimbau, the first question usually is…”What do I play?”.  I’m aiming to alleviate that first question today. Although this is not an in detail description of each, I will go over each.

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Au De Frente

The Au de Frente in Capoeira is a pretty sweet move, Galera. With our three step system, anyone can get it. Let me first talk about mindset. Mindset? Yup. I have some students that already defeat themselves before they even attempt the move. That fact is true in any venture you set off to achieve, but even more true in this one. This is ground acrobatic is very doable for any fitness level. Read More

The Most Powerful Kick in Martial Arts-Martelo de Negativa

What’s up galera! Many of you have heard of Martelo de Negativa, or according to National Geographic’s Fight Science, the most powerful kick in martial arts….or most efficient. If you haven’t seen this episode, make sure check out this video here. It features Capoeira action star Lateef Crowder.

Scientists study 4 different martial arts, and measure the power, speed, and efficiency of their best kick. Those Read More