7 Habits of Highly Successful Capoeira Students: Mestre Pinga Fogo

Don’t you wish you can reach in the mind of Capoeira masters and pick their brain? That’s exactly what I’ doing in my 4 year project, “The 7 Habits of Highly Successful Capoeira Students”. I specifically ask Mestres and Contra-Mestres from all over the globe how to be successful in Capoeira. I remember when I first started my project, I would hijack some Mestres at an event while we were all chillin’ at the after party or day before the event.

This was no exception, as Mestre Pinga Fogo is one of my favorite Mestres. I have trained with him several times over the last 20 years in San Antonio, Dallas, Colorado, Brownsville, Austin, and other places. Here is the excerpt of the interview  I transferred over from  my old blog. I hope you enjoy.

Hello all my beautiful Capoeira peeps! Some of you all may know about my 4 year project that started out as a 2 year project. It’s called “The 7 Habits of Highly Successful Capoeira Students:Take Your Capoeira and Life to the next Level”

Not a very original title, I know, Ha! In this work, I interview Mestres, Contra Mestres, and Mestrandos from all over the world to get their advice on how to be successful in Capoeira. This is extremely inspiring. I felt the nuggets of golden wisdom falling out each time I sat down with my subject.

Mestre Pinga Fogo  was no exception. He is sort of a surrogate Mestre to our group. He’s the only other Mestre that I trained with as almost as frequently as my own Mestre, Mestre Loka. It was my pleasure to sit down with him at Contra Mestre Graveto’s event last year in Brownsville, Texas.

Contra Mestre Graveto is also another subject who I interviewed. But let’s get back to Mestre Pinga Fogo. Mestre Pinga Fogo’s group, CDO-Ginga Brasil works closely with our group, and he is truly an inspiring individual. He’s still a young Mestre, very spry, with still a very mobile game.

He had some very great words about loyalty, and I’ll let you hear this nice clip that I made. Enjoy and God bless.

-O Rei

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