Capoeira Goal Setting: The S.M.A.R.T. Method

What’s up, Galera! It’s O Rei and remember that Capoeira should be a life improving activity for you, as it was for me. One of the first things I received from Capoeira, besides one heck of a workout, is the goal setting environment. Almost immediately you are forced to start getting better at something. Whether it’s your kicks, dodges, stamina, cardio, acrobatics, etc.

Then you are asked to test and demonstrate certain forms, music, Portuguese, take downs, and other moves to achieve your cord (belt). This happens over and over again as you navigate through your Capoeira system. It is really awesome and empowering. You start developing an organized way to achieve these pre-set goals for you. Many people see the connection to your personal and professional lives, but some do not.

So I wrote the book Ginga S.M.A.R.T.: The Ultimate Capoeira Goals Setting and Achieving Book which detailed a very organized way to set and achieve goals. It is not new, but a very effective way realize your goals, Capoeira or life. I believe it was Peter Drucker who first documented this method in a business article, citing that what gets measured gets managed, meaning that if you don’t have specific written down time bound measurable goals, then it is extremely hard and almost unlikely that you achieve them.

S.M.A.R.T. stands for:

  • Specific-the more specific the better. Don’t be vague like, ” I wanna get better in Capoeira”. Instead set a goal like I want to be able to do a 100 Meia Lua de Compasso Kicks without stopping.
  • Measurable-Again, what get’s measured gets managed. The 100 kicks is another example of a good way to measure your progress towards your goal. First 20, then 40, then 6o…until you build up to 100.
  • Achievable-all this means is that it is realistic. Don’t set the goal to do a backflip if you can’t even do an Au. I don’t mean to limit your vision,but realistic in the short term. The long term goals can definitely be more lofty…Your Vision.
  • Relevant-Make sure that your goals are congruent with your personal values. It will make them more meaningful and help you persevere with the going gets tough.
  • Time Bound-You MUST have a deadline. A goal without a deadline is just a wish. You can always readjust your deadline but make sure you give yourself realistic deadlines for short term action. Don’t keep putting it off. Take action right away!

So that is a brief summary of the method used world wide to set and achieve goals. Apply this to your Capoeira goals, and your life as well. I definitely recommend that you check out my book Ginga SMART. The Kindle version is just a few bucks, but the information inside can change your life. Check it out HERE.

Until next time, Galera. Leave a comment and let me know what your Capoeira goals are below.

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