Capoeira Beginners: The Most Important Type of Student

Of all the Mestres, and Contra-Mestres, and Mestrandos, and Professores, Formados, Monitores, Estagiarios, Graduados, Instrutores, Educadores….and the list goes on and on. Of all these great teachers passing on the amazing art of Capoeira to this world, the most important Capoeira practitioner is none of them. What?! That’s right. Although these figures play an important part in Capoeira, it is the beginner that plays the most important part. They decide one day that they want to put on the white pants and set out to learn this amazing art. They decide one day that they want to continue learning this art, and ultimately, they decide that they don’t want to quit . The beginner student feeds the growth of our amazing art. If you haven’t watched my video on the “Triangle of Capoeira Practitioners” you can do that here.

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