Capoeira Movie-Only the Strong, My Experience

What’s up Galera! It’s O Rei, and I’m back with an epic story of my experience of the movie, “Only the Strong”. Ha, ha! Thanks to Fabio Ventania Ramalho for the photoshop skills. He sent me that on my birthday  a couple years ago for a prank. Anyway, the first time that I ever heard of Capoeira back in 1993 and it is an interesting story.

“Only the Strong” stars Mark Decascos and Mestre Amen Santo. For those of you all who never have heard of this movie, it is, I believe the first time in Hollywood that Capoeira is featured as the main martial art. There are several Brazilian movies that, of course, feature Capoeira, but none from the old U.S. of A. Read More