Fundamentals Month 1 Week 1

Techniques Summary

If you need detailed description of any technique, review here at Fundamental Program

Fundamentals Acrobatic Drill

In this drill we are tying a kick to Au. Unlike landing to the base and continuin to our acrobatic in the same direction, in this case we land the kick to the back, remove our fron leg and bring it to a base position, and execute our acrobatic (Au) in the opposite direction of our starting momentum. Do about 5 reps each side with each kick.

Fundamentals Movement Drills with Partner: Escapa

First learn how to do the Escapa technique. Then we will tie it to our 3 basic spinning kicks: Quexada, Armada, and Meia Lua de Compasso. We will do them following and crossing. Then we will do them with a partner 5 times each side each partner.

Fundamentals Straight Kick Drills with Partner: Ponta Pe Cruzado/Martelo

First we will kick our partner using Martelo. Beginners should do it without Ginga, and then with Ginga. 20 times each side each partner. Only go about 60% power.

Next, we will use all three dodges (esquiva, esuiva lateral, & quebrada) against the Martelo from Ginga. This is to learn how to read body language when the opponent is attacking.

Bonus Partner Kick Timing Drill with a Partner: Ponta Pe/Martelo

Here is the first kick timing we teach our beginners. First, dodge using Quebrada turining away perpindicular to your opponent. Then, using your back leg strike to the head using Ponta Pe (Martelo, Roundhouse, etc.). This is the “Weak Side” we are attacking.

It’s weak because usually a beginner doesn’t have good discipline in keeping up their guard on this side and all of their momentum is throwing them into your kick. Practice, practice, practice. This is beginner’s Gold.

Fundamental Takedown Drills with Partner: Vingativa

First make sure you know the Vingativa technique (see Fundmetal Program). Now we will tie all 3 circular kicks with a crossing Vingativa by yourself 5x each side).

Then we will add a partner who will counter your spinning kick with a crossing kick. Do at least 5x each side.

We will do the same with a following Vingativa.

Fundamental Vingativa Detail

Just in case you need a refresher on Vingativa. This is a great video. Remember the “O Rei’s Subtlety” hip thrust with the elbow pushing your opponent over your leg to execute cleanly. If you would like an in depth very thorough video training on the Vingativa check out my¬†Vingativa Mastery Program.