Ginga and Unleash the Power Within: Tony Robbins UPW Event Review

Hey, Galera! I’m constantly talking about how Capoeira should be for life improvement–physically, mentally, spiritually, and any other way that it can help you. For example, you all know my story. After losing it all in a drunken car accident, Capoeira help me lift myself up from my bootstraps and improve my life despite my hardships. I didn’t play the victim or look for pity, but instead invested in myself and worked hard. This event is the pinacle of improving your life. People go from all over the world to see Tony work his magic…that’s right. The event I’m talking about is Unleash the Power Within by Tony Robbins.

It’s a mix of a dance concert show and self-help seminar. Instead of have you sit for 4 days straight listening to speakers drone on…it is constantly intermingled with dancing, high-fives, meditation, breathing exercises, and all around great community. I realized something while attending this event. On the first day of the 4 day event, they teach you how to change your  state by changing your physiology. Whether that’s jumping around, yelling, dancing, meditating, priming, or whatever. This immediately affects your mental attitude and how you feel. This is exactly what Capoeira does for people…without them knowing it.

Capoeira gets you clapping, moving, singing, exercising, flipping, etc. and sharing this with a community of people…and this truly elevates you. Watch my video of my experience at this event in Dallas TX here:

The Fire-Walk

On the first day of this event they have a “Fire Walk”. You don’t have to do it, but Tony gets you so pumped up by changing your state and keeping you there, you are able to walk on 2000 degree hot coals for about 10 feet. It is symbolic in that, whatever limiting beliefs that you have are just minor obstacles in you life…just like these hot coals.  They may be seemingly hot and dangerous, but in reality you have the power to merely walk on top of them to your destination.  People that overcome this feat, are know as “Fire Walkers”.

It’s a nickname fellow Tony Robbins goers call each other. The first day you are taught ways to change your state to always keep yourself in an elevated state and how to overcome limiting beliefs. The second day, you are taught the blueprint to improve your life in all areas, from health, wealth, and relationships, how to gain clarity, and to figure out what exactly you want out of life. Day 3 is Transformation Day where you go through a process called “The Dickens” process where you essentially exorcise your demons and limiting beliefs. That part is not fun, but very empowering. The final day your are taught how to improve your health. It focuses on diet, exercise, supplements, and other exercises to make sure you live with energy and passion.

Capoeira for Life Improvement

What does this have to do with O Rei, the former chubby hubby and Capoeira? Well, Capoeira takes people off the streets in Brazil and keeps them from join gangs and doing drugs. It gives them purpose and hope to become something better for themselves. In most other places on Earth, Capoeira is a cool cultural experience, a cool martial art, a cool dance, an exercise class, and a place to meet sexy people. Although that sounds cool, the Capoeira leaders outside of Brazil are not growing. They teach only the art and don’t give back and don’t evolve. It needs to teach the student to become the best version of themselves.

In shape, healthy, having great relationships, successful, and financially fit. It’s not their fault though…it’s all they know. But it is their duty, nonetheless, to search out the highest knowledge and pass that down to their students. Not just teach them to do cool moves, kick ass, and bone chicks (or dudes). I have decided after this event, that I am dedicating my channel and mission to help as many people on this Earth through Life Improving Capoeira.

If that means goal setting, exercises, diet, supplementation, masterminding, time management, or whatever, then so be it. So, I recommend completely that everyone on this Earth go to this event at least once in your life. Once you go once, you’ll want to go again and again. And then, go to other TR events. It just feels good and you body and soul wants of that. So keep a look out for a lot of new content out related to improving your diet, body, and life in many other ways coming soon.  Love you Ginga Warriors.


Until next time.

O Rei

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