Capoeira and Supplements Bundle

Exercise, Eating Healthy, and Supplements are essential in maintaining and increasing good health. I have teamed up with my Supplement company, Prestige Labs to offer you an amazing discount for the 12 days of Capoeira Christmas

Your better hurry, because they’re not offering the Black Friday $45 dollar discount (code: BLKFRIDAY45) for as long as I’m offering my bonus, and personal %40 off and Buy 3 Get 1 FREE! (code: GL4E)

Yup, it’s that good.

Here’s the pack I recommend for older men and women (over 30)… I know not that old.

No Questions Asked! Testostorone is essential in men and women. Yes our body makes it, but after the age of 30, there is definitely a decrease. After 40? You’re F’d

I take all of these supps or I would NOT recommend them. This “All Natural” is not a stimulant, and it does take a week or 2 to get into your system, but along with great workouts, I noted most about this Test, that it gave me mental clarity.

Yes, yes, yes, it made me a madman in the bedroom…lol. But I never needed any help with that. And…my girlfriend was taking it at the time, she was ripped! We were like 2 bunnies in love…lol.

jk ladies…fellahs..wink wink.

Bora, Test Storm!


This was the first product, that I felt the effects, almost immediately. And when I say immediately, I don’t mean minutes. I mean the following morning. This doesn’t make you go to sleep or sleep longer. It makes you get more rest from less sleep.

I felt like I got 8 or 9 hours when I only got 6 hours of sleep. It helps you recover faster and helps shuttle all the other supps and all your bodies other natural processes do what they have to do in your sleep.

When I run out of this, I  notice.

I would have put these first, but Test Storm is that Bad A$$. Everyone needs their one-a-days. Total essential supplement spectrum that you body needs to keep a healthy immune system and kick a$$ in the roda, weight room, or life. Men’s and Women’s Bulletproof!


Yea, yea, yea! I know you saw the complete spectrum of daily supplements above, but you need to take these separately. Many of you already do. Essential Fatty Acid complexes like Omegas and Fish Oils. Good for us older guys and gals…and you  young bucks too.

This ensures your body is doing what it needs to be doing. Hormone imbalance is one of the leading causes of illnesses, cancers, and other unnecessary sicknesses. Keep your body right.  I love  these too.

All natural fat burner. It is a thermogenic wheich heats up your body to burn fat while you do nothing. Of course, you are a Ginga Warrior, and you will be exercising, gingaing, and kicking, an carthwheeling around, so don’t give me any BS about not exercising.

I like this as an extra edge. My ex-girlfriend was a body builder and this took the little pesky 2% body fat off that was in between her abs. Of course we use this on all of our weigh loss clients. And I took it like my girlfriend…just clean up any extra fluff that we in our older age collect.

I added in this one because of the sneaky deal I walked you through in the video. If you have to get rid of one. This could be it.

O Rei's Bonus: Capoeira Over 40 Bundle

How It Works

When you buy over $200 at Prestige Labs, send me the receipt at, and I will send you this Capoeira Over 40 Bundle, FREE!

It comes with Fundamentals of Capoeira, Ground Game 1, Capoeira Over 40 digital copy of my book and video series, and my new unreleased Capoeira Over 40 Part 2 video series. (6 videos).

* Note: If you wanna mix and match, you can for equal or lesser value programs. For example, you want ground game 2 instead of part 1…cool!