Thank You


O Rei wants you to have a special gift for applying to work with me one on one. We know that it’s hard to accomplish your goals by yourself without the accountability to hold you to taking action when the going gets tough…or you’re feeling lazy and unmotivated.

I’ve done 1,000’s of interviews with potential clients and challengers. There’s only so many different stories…and it boils down to the following  3 things:

Coached Nutrition

Coached Fitness


(When Nutrition is on key, then supplementation to speed up and augment results)

So, I have decided to give you a copy of my Ginga SMART book, it’s the definitive Capoeira goal setting and achieving book. It is very concise…no fluff, quick and to the point.

It covers the straight ahead SMART method of goals setting revolutionized by Peter Drucker. Enjoy, and we’ll talk to you soon.

Ginga and Smash your Goals.