Ground Game Bundle

If you are working on your Capoeira ground game, this is the perfect pair. O Rei’s Capoeira Ground Game System Part 1: Absolute Beginner to Intermediate Level was a 2 time Amazon Best Seller.

Ground Game Part 2: Intermediate to Advanced is only available through Ginga And Grow Strong, and is the perfect follow up to take you to the next level once Ground Game Part 1 has strengthened you and given you the tools float on the floor like a Capoeira master.

Amazing Savings when you buy them together: Plus Bonus Group Coaching Training Members Area

Ground Game 1: From Absolute Beginner to Intermediate Level

  • 10 Queda de Rins Fundamentals you must know to start to grow your ground game
  • 4 Ponte (bridge) fundamentals
  • 5 ground transition positions and combos
  • 10 Awesome Ground sequences with modifications  for different levels
  • Detailed video tutorials
  • PDF guide and detailed explanations
  • And more!

Ground Game 2: Intermediate to Advanced Level

  • 8 Intermediate techniques including transitions, subtleties, spins, weave-thrus, and head to hand moves
  • 8 Pre-Advanced Techniques that get you ready before you go full advanced mode including switch moves, kips, grass cutters, and double-leg one hand stalls.
  • 8 Advance Ground techniques that let you know you are at the top of the ground game. Can you make It?
  • 8 Sequence studies: This is a 5-7 move combination that is broken down into 2 move transitions and discussed in utter detail in slow motion. This alone is worth the price of the program. (8 different sequences)
  • 5 different mandinga stylings to add to your game. No more robot moves. Put some salsa on your game!
  •  Private Group Coaching Community 🤯

Group Coaching Community Included

Many people do not know how valuable it is to have 3rd party verification. What are you doing right? What are you doing that sucks! Lol. This private members only community is here to give you feedback on your development. 

Post your video of the 8 practices sequences, or any of the other techniques and get immediate feedback on how to improve your technique, style, or transition.

Previously only available to Ground Game 2 Warriors, when you buy the bundle, you gain access to this group, and can post your level 1 and 2 moves. You’re welcome. 😎

Ground Game 1: $49.00

Ground Game 2: $69.00

Private Coaching Group$37/monthly ($444/year)

Total: $562

Your Price 👇👇👇

Ground Game Bundle

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Ground Game Bundle