Brazilian Capoeira Music Mastery System

Go from Absolute zero to Intermediate/Advanced in Brazilian Capoeira Music


That means you will learn the clapping, the singing the language, the meaning, the reasons why, the pandeiro (tambourine, atabaque (drum), agogo bell, berimbau, and so much more.

You will get the basics, intermediate and advanced techniques as well as the secret tips and pointers to excel past your peers.

Currently on presale for half-price, but will go back to regular once released.

You will have immediate access, and see the portal populate in real time.

Not a Capoeira student? It doesn’t matter. 

Any musician, or student of Brazilian culture will love this.

Some of the goodies inside: 👇👇👇

  • Clapping: (Palma de Bimba, Palma de Terreiro)

  • Pandeiro tones

  • Pandeiro cadencia

  • Brazilian Samba roll

  • Imrpovisational techniques

  • Roda de Samba

  • Atabaque tones

  • Cadencia

  • Ijexa

  • Improv

  • Maculele

  • Roda de Samba

  • Berimbau

  • Sao Bento Grande de Angola

  • Toque de Angola

  • Regional de Bimba

  • Contemporanea

  • Santa Maria

  • Cavalaria

  • Iuna

  • Samba de Roda

  • Advanced Tones

  • Improv

  • Singing with all instruments

  • Agogo Bell-metal and castanha

  • All toques

  • Maculele

  • Roda de Samba

  • Capoeira Music College

  • Roda management

  • Unannounced Bonuses

  • And more…

O Rei's Capoeira Music Mastery