O Rei's Capoeira Beginner's Bundle

Just Getting Started in Brazilian Capoeira?

This is the perfect bundle for the beginner or if you want a thorough walkthrough of the fundamentals, ground game, and one of the most thorough Capoeira leg sweep programs ever compiled.

This is exact recommendation from Capoeira Amazon #1 Best Selling Author, Chris Roel (O Rei). You must first learn the building blocks to communicate in Brazilian Capoeira.

Then to add some nice ground game flourishes without having to flip and fly though the air. Then you must learn to put your opponent on the floor in the first Capoeira takedown every student should learn.

The Fundamentals of Capoeira is the first 12 months of Brazilian Capoeira that you MUST learn. 

Circular Kicks Fundamental Video Tutorials

  1. Queixada-most important of our circular kicks. If you can’t queixada, then all other circular kicks will be very difficult to master

 Armada-spin before a queixada

  1. Meia Lua de Compasso-wheel kick, or reverse heel kick.

Straight Kicks

  1. Bencao-Capoeira front push kick

  2. Ponta Pe (Martelo)- capoeira round house

  3. Chapa/Pisao- capoeira sidekick

Acrobatics And Ground Videos

  1. Au- Capoeira Cartwheel

  2. Macaco- monkey flip

  3. Queda de Rins

  4. Ponte- Capoeira Bridge

  5. Aú de Frente-High beginner level approaching intermediate

  6. Martelo Rodado-(Jumping Spinning Front Kick) Although this is an attack, it is mentioned here as an acrobatic because it looks very nice when performed well and it is done in the air.

  7. 7.Aú Sem Mão-A handless cartwheel. We will give you a modified version until you build strength and confidence to go higher and higher each time.

  8. Pião de Mão- (Hand Spin) Amazing Ground acrobatic in step by step instruction

  9. Meia Lua Emcaixada-Ground acrobatic move and attack


  1. squiva Negativa Role and Au negativa Role


1. Pandeiro- basic cadencia

  1.  Pandeiro-simplified

  2.  Atabaque- basic São Bento Grande or Cadencia


  1. Rasteira-The Capoeira Leg Sweep with hand on the floor

And So much More!

129-page Ebook with detailed full color photos

Music lyrics with audio of over 50 songs

The 2-time Amazon #1 Best Seller, Ground Game 1 takes you from absolute beginner to Intermediate Capoeirista floating on the floor. The perfect way to spice up your game without going airborne.

The ground game is something you can take with you into old age, keep you fit, and make you the cat’s pajamas. It contains:

10 queda de rins fundamentals you must learn to start  to grow your ground game

4 Ponte (Bridge) fundamentals

5 ground transitions positions and combos

10 Awesome Ground sequences with modifications  for different levels

Detailed video tutorials

PDF guide and detailed explanations

How to use these amazing moves with a partner

And more!

This is by far my most extensive works, that explores the ins and outs of the Capoeira sweep and it’s variations. Psychology, set-ups, reversals, escapes, , and more.

Contained within: 👇👇👇

Rasteira Fundamentals: Rasteira, Rasteira de Mão, Banda, Rasteira de Costa and More…


    Rasteira and Banda Entradas (the main Sweeps)


     Rasteiras using the hands


     Rasteiras against Circular Kicks

     Rasteiras against Straight Attacks


     Drills to Strengthen the Rasteira and Banda Muscles

     Acrobatic Defenses against the Sweeps


     Defenses when Using Meia Lua de Compasso

     Combinations with Banda and Rasteira to Attacks


     Additional Bonuses Tutorials in Acrobatic Entradas

     O Rei’s Secret Simple Set-ups and Roda Psychology

     103 Page Capoeira Manuscript with Full Color Photos and Detailed Descriptions

    Detailed Mindmap


    Exclusive Bonuses not included on the regular E-book course:

    Calcanheira-fundamentals and usage on attacks

     Banda de Costa-fundamentals and usage on attacks

     Bonus Fundamental Review Video

        OVER 30 Instructional Videos!!! 

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O Rei's Capoeira Beginner's Bundle
O Rei's Capoeira Beginner's Bundle