O Rei’s Vingativa Training Series

I have been Training Capoeira for Over 10 years!

And I want to share with you my FREE video training series on the Vingativa take down. It took me several years to finally snap out of it and figured out a little trick that immediately increased my Vingativa takedown percentage to almost 90%! Check out my Three Videos on Vingativa. I took some goodies from my Vingativa Mastery System that took me 6 months to compile from my experience from over a decade of training with Masters from all over the world. See you on the other side.

                        -O Rei

                          Chris Roel (Best Selling Author of the Ginga Series)




"O Rei’s Vingativa Mastery System is a complete gold mine- especially the bonuses!  Not only have I become more aware of my posture and stance, I have learned to confidently execute as well.  Actually, I feel like my entire game has really improved after having started this series.  The Vingativa Mastery System is great because it’s modules are short and to the point and O Rei is really articulate and detailed in his explanations.  After going through the program, I am now able to keep my balance longer, execute the O Rei subtlety with power and have a lot more pride in this particular move; time to take down the big guys… Highly, highly recommend this system! " -Ashley

"The vingativa mastery system is an excellent system that shows us how to move in and out of the take down with proper technique. The vingativa is actually my favorite choice of take down, it's easy to set up with either a fake kick or the right dodge, and if it's done fast enough they won't see it coming... axe my friends." -Boliché 

I thought I'd let you know I've purchased your new Vingativa Mastery System online tutorial etc, I will say I was apprehensive about the purchase, but you've done it again, and I thank you, you have gone to help

Me understand capoeira in a new light, and since a serious accident a few years ago, my practice has wained a little, but the tutorials etc give me new understanding and appreciation of the subtleties and tricks inherent within capoeira and its game. Well done!” -Brent