O Rei’s Hook and Pull: Rasteira Mastery Course
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I’ve been working on a 4 Year Project,

where I have been interviewing Capoeira

Mestres and Contra Mestres about what

It takes to be successful in Brazilian

Capoeira. It is by no means finished, but

is immediately inspiring. Listen to the first

5 interviews on audio. This is not for sell

anywhere! This is the behind the scenes

interviews, which makes it invaluable!

Step up Your knowledge of the Bateria

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“It’s true. After getting beat up by my instructor’s sister in the roda as a beginner, I set out to solidify my sweep game. What I realized is that what seemed like a flurry of attacks, was just simple fundamentals trained over and over again, and used in sequence. This system gives you the most in depth work of it’s kind. Having these techniques at your fingertips will put you years ahead of your competition. IF...you practice them.11 years of Capoeira experience in an organized instructional course by a best selling author? It’s a no brainer. Click Buy Now before the Bonuses disappear and price increases!”

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Here’s What you get in O Rei’s Rasteira Mastery Course FULL System

     Rasteira Fundamentals: Rasteira, Rasteira de Mão, Banda, Rasteira de Costa and More...


    Rasteira and Banda Entradas (the main Sweeps)


     Rasteiras using the hands


     Rasteiras against Circular Kicks

     Rasteiras against Straight Attacks


     Drills to Strengthen the Rasteira and Banda Muscles

     Acrobatic Defenses against the Sweeps


     Defenses when Using Meia Lua de Compasso

     Combinations with Banda and Rasteira to Attacks


     Additional Bonuses Tutorials in Acrobatic Entradas

     O Rei’s Secret Simple Set-ups and Roda Psychology

     103 Page Capoeira Manuscript with Full Color Photos and Detailed Descriptions

    Detailed Mindmap


    Exclusive Bonuses not included on the regular E-book course:

    Calcanheira-fundamentals and usage on attacks

     Banda de Costa-fundamentals and usage on attacks

     Bonus Fundamental Review Video

        OVER 30 Instructional Videos!!! RISK FREE